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Driving Green Jobs: Stop Being Crude!

Posted on May 11, 2014 at 6:25 PM

The Detroit News Reported on Mother's Day  a story developing from Mountain View, Calif. — "Calling it the right thing to do for America’s bottom line, President Barack Obama announced new steps Friday by companies, local governments and his own administration to deploy solar technology, showcasing steps to combat climate change that don’t require consent from a disinclined Congress."

In 2009 and again in 2010 during my two former campaign for the Detroit City Council and the Michigan House of Representatives I cited funds available to Detroit and other municipalities to tap into A.R.R. stimulus monies to states wherein it was laid out that States could along with cities use monies to convert their buildings over to green components and re-constitute a new building code programme. This would drive the need for all counties and cities to possibly increase revenue sharing by being fiduciarily responsible while concomitantly driving a demand for green components due to the upgrade in collateral construction. Imagine every construction permit for builiding new structures as well as upgrades being required to use a content level of green technology from LED to Solar Waifers (BTW which are made in Michigan) along with Wind Turbine and Geo Thermo components to replace old consumer goods or capital goods.  Michigan has over 80 counties and hundreds and hundreds of cities that could drive this demand. 

 The President went on to say: "“The commitments we’re announcing today prove that there are cost-effective ways to tackle climate change and create jobs at the same time, this is what you call a win-win-win,” Obama said.

 Obama also announced executive actions aimed at increasing energy efficiency in buildings and appliances. The White House said the solar effort will power the equivalent of 130,000 homes and the administrative actions could reduce carbon pollution in an amount equal to taking 80 million cars off the road for one year.

 Tweaking opponents of his energy policies in Congress, Obama lamented that lawmakers have “not always been as visionary on these issues as we would like.” That’s why he’s seizing opportunities this year to act unilaterally to advance those goals. Unfortunately, inside of Washington, we still have some climate deniers who shout loud,” Obama said. “But they’re wasting people’s time on a settled debate.”Obama said.

  The President could also initiate by Executive Action a proposal I have listed on this website calling for more E85 refinery production by crude oil gasoline marketers like BP/Exxon/Shell etc. Out of 118,000 gas stations barely 2% offer a product mix of E85 along with the normal octanes: 87, 89, 91, and 93. By giving these fossil companies a doulbe credit for switching capacity from Crude to Renewable energy refining this could spur better hybrid energy technology that burns renewable bio fuel at a better ratio than .9:1

By going to a green standard in all federal, state, and city government buildings and then requiring all new permits above a certain dollar amount to infuse green technology would genetate billions in the economy and create tens of thousands jobs-continually while ridding the USA of its energy dependence and strengthening labor in the USA and abroad!


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3:09 AM on October 20, 2016 
climate change has long acute over us. and I fully support Obama in his initiative. more about