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The Campaign for Liberty: What's Left of the Attack!

Posted on May 7, 2014 at 5:55 PM

This interest group based out of Virginia-the home of the Confederacy that tried to break away from the Union before the North taught them a lesson is attacking Labor Union and Obama Care. However, i DO SUPPORT HR 24/S. 209 IN THE 113TH CONGRESS that seeks to bring transparency to the Federal Reserve by Roll Call Votes on Ron Paul's Audit the Fed Bill. Yes, I am for removing capital gains tax on earnings below 500,000.00 but I am willing to tax gold and silver coinage that aristocrats tried and hide money in as shelters or loop holes.


I support that Federal Government in prohibiting the sale of, use, or carrying certain types of assault weapons designed for mass destruction. I support foreign aid to a certain degree-we need to keep our interests abroad funded.


I do however, oppose adding to the national debt above inflationary amounts.


And yes I support the Constitution's 10th Amendment.


However, I will not oppose Labor Union's call for a Card Check Bill: this is needed to ensure that the rights of workers whereever they are can be respected by management. I think it is ludicrous to withdraw the USA from the United Nations! Especially since it takes a league of nation to share the vision of world peace and co-existence. I think placing airport security in the hands of Top Flight (this is a disparaging term) unarmed, lax rent a cops is insane! I fully support that TSA's mission and its men and women who protect us from harm on the ground and in the air.


As a Historian I have studied Presidential Powers and I have to side with the President in calling men and women of the Armed Forces without a Declaration of War as a quick response to threats-even while I do not believe that WMDs were real and this power was abused. I full support Obama Care's vision and mission. I do oppose taxing any e-commerce. In addition, SOPA and CISPA may be necessary to prevent ISP from deregulating to the point of creating more Ma Bells syndicates.


I believe that this sector is still yet to deliver more gains and growth in our economy that we can imagine from a supply chain perspective.


I fully support the spirit of the U.S. Constitution in protecting citizen's rights to due process and fifth amendment protection against torture even in cases of national security unless we are at Declaration of War or State of Emergency likened to what was done under Abraham Lincoln in the Merryman case. Judge Taney was wrong as he was in the Dread Scott Case. Thus, for no other reason could I imagine abrogating the sacred trust of search and seizure tenets. Domestic spying may be necessary-since there are domestic enemies of the national life thus NASA's spying program is necessary. Along these lines we have a national ID system with SS Cards but if we had to take this into the next century we may have to e-verify.


All debt is not bad and all deficits are not terrible as it takes some leverage to finance long term strategic aims. Ergo, I do not oppose all taxes as that is would be unrealistic. Still, I would support a tax cut in Estate taxes and Business Taxes below a certain amount of earning or revenues likened to what I stated in re: Capital Gains tax cuts that I support below a certain threshold.

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