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The Keystone XL Pipeline

Posted on April 29, 2014 at 7:20 PM

The GOP mainly and a splinter of Dems and I do mean splinter of Dems bought and paid for to see this OIL sustainability prosper is bad by the barrell full! According to the website this project will bring about peace between Palestinians and Hebrews settle land disptues in Africa that led to the massacre in Rawanda and end Racism worldwide!   How, can such an elysium and nirvana be atttained?   Theoretically an over supply will drive down the prices a few pennies a barrell is all.   In essence the con is clear: Just because Crude oil is not exclusively used to produce gasoline & The United States consumes the vast majority of its refined products ....this lobby effort believes its okay to turn away from renewable energy and thus hamper our long term global competitiveness and stunt future job growth that can be "fueled" by green energy components and green energy technologies.

The USA needs to increase credits to the Big Four in gasoline led by Exxon and BP and entice them to convert more of their refinery enrichment towards e85, bio-diesel, and other life science driven alternatives.  In addition, the POTUS needs to, along with States, pass a moratorium of sorts on gas stations that do not offer at least three alternative sources aforementioned inclusive of electric recharge pods. The presence of substitutes at the pump will cause downward market pressure on all crude oil non-renewable octanes such as 87, 89, 91, and 93.  The middle class and poor are paying too much at the pump at a national average of nearly $3.50 and $4 for diesel.  E85 engine technology needs to improve its ratio of .9:1 MPG while Diesel and regular unleaded and premium octanes get 1:1 MPG making is slightly prohibitive to want to chose the alternative. This is all part of the Big Oil's design!

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