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D.I.F.T.: making a DIFferance for Detroit!!!

Posted on April 15, 2014 at 10:30 AM

Lastly, Detroit should have gotten the high speed rail connection to Chicago by way of Kalamazoo not lowly populated Dearborn: whose the destination city in Mchigan (Detroit or Dearborn!)? Do I have to even ask that question? Dearborn should have gotten a light rail system not Detroit. Detroit should have received the high speed rail system upgrades not Dearborn-this would have saved the tax payers millions. But some folk want their own station and rather not come to Detroit to catch the train-but Detroiters go to Dearborn to shop at Fairlane! There is a bit of backwards thinking in Washington, D.C. as it relates to Metro Detroit and this needs to change. This is not rocket science-it's good horse sense is all!




"A significant volume of freight being moved by railroads today is delivered to the rails by trucks. Following the train trip, it is again moved by truck to its final destination. These movements between rail and truck are termed intermodal freight transportation. The most common movements involve transferring trailers or containers between railroad flatcars and trucks. This activity usually takes place at a location called an intermodal terminal. In Southeast Michigan, the transfer of trailers is conducted by Norfolk Southern’s (NS) Triple Crown operation. Today, that is accomplished at the Melvindale and the recently reopened Willow Run terminals (Figure 1-1/inset). Canadian Pacific (CP) also transfers trailers in its Expressway operation at the terminal behind the Michigan Central Depot. CP also transfers containers at the Oak terminal. Finally, both NS and CSX transfer containers at the Livernois-Junction Yard and Canadian National Railroad (CN) transfers containers at the Moterm terminal in Ferndale, Michigan. The Detroit Intermodal Freight Terminal Study (DIFT) includes the proposed enhancement of intermodal operations by four Class I railroads1 at four intermodal terminals that will continue to exist in the future: Livernois-Junction Yard; CP/Expressway; CP/Oak; and, CN/Moterm (Figure 1-1/main graphic). (Mazda has an intermodal terminal in Flat Rock in Wayne County serviced by Canadian National Railroad, but it is solely dedicated to Mazda use.) Information gathered for the DIFT indicates there is a current lack of adequate intermodal capacity ...Information gathered for the DIFT indicates there is a current lack of adequate intermodal capacity. For example, the Norfolk Southern Railroad has realized a significant recent increase in its Triple Crown business to the extent it cannot be accommodated at the Melvindale terminal. Norfolk Southern has requested financial assistance of the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) so that it can consolidate its intermodal operations at its portion of the Livernois-Junction Yard. But, until the DIFT studies are concluded, use of federal monies to provide such assistance is not available. So, NS recently reopened (in mid-2004) its terminal in Romulus, Michigan, to handle its Triple Crown business growth. If the DIFT were an approved project, and, if appropriate improvements were made on a timely basis, NS would shift all its intermodal operations in Michigan to the Livernois-Junction Yard. This will leave four intermodal Class I railroad terminals serving Southeast Michigan in the future. These four terminals are the subject of the DIFT Study."


What if the international world famous hollywood eyesore called the Michigan Central train depot could be transformed into a virtual Union Train Station franchise like they have in D.C.,New York and Chicago. And make other improvements as outlined in this study to upgrade the Livernois Junction-this shovel ready projects coupled with other innovative solutions would create 1,000s of long term jobs over the next decade in Detroit. Would Matty Maroun be willing to leave such a legacy of improvement and productive and change the reputation he and his company has garnered with landmark dilapidation.

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