96 WEST is a new cutting edge talk show. The content of the show will range from public affairs to business to non-profit events to health and education-covering the spectrum of the human experience. The show's host Burgess Foster, on his vision for this new concept "When we hear 96 West we think of the highway interstate that carriers us from Detroit, Michigan to Lansing-our State's Capitol. However, I wanted a clever way of thinking of an information highway-inter-changing of ideas from both the LEFT (West) or RIGHT (East). An interstate motif can connote that." Mr. Foster the Executive Producer and Creator of the show is glad to partner with legendary media mogul R.J. Watkins who has totally upgraded and added to the communications campus at WHPR studio-Highland Park, Michigan, where the show will be broadcast live. The shows reach covers two counties (Oakland and Wayne) and up to 34 cities-including Detroit. If you have Comcast Cable you can catch the show every Friday-live at 11am to 11:30am on channel 91 or even if you have digital TV without a premium channel provider, like Comcast Cable, you can catch the show on TV 33.1 on your digital receiver. The show is also simul-cast via the World Wide Web on WHPR's universal route locator:

Tune in to our inaugural show May 6th 2016 @ 11am, when the imitable, and Honorable, Janice Winfrey, Detroit City Clerk and Michigan 13th Congressional District hopeful will be on live discussing issues related to voter empowerment and her vision for a new outlook in the 13th Congressional District!

Tune in to our inaugural show May 6th 2016 @ 11am, and hear from another heavyweight in the community such as Mr. East Side, and Mr. School Board and Mr. State Rep, Lamar Lemmons. Lemmons is aiming to stake claim to the Wayne County Recorder of Deed's office this election cycle-hear what he has in store for business and home owners in the county.

Tune in to our second live show May 13th 2016 @ 11am when our guest will be the Dean of Political information in the State of Michigan. 

Publisher, MIRS co-owner

John T. Reurink has served as publisher and CEO of Michigan Information & Research Service (MIRS) since January 1996. During his tenure, John has managed the firm from a photo copied newsletter with 100 subscribers to a web based political news service that attracts 40,000 visitors a month and informs 18,000 Michigan businesses each week on key Michigan public policy developments.

For the last eight years MIRS has been voted "best capitol coverage" by 60 percent of Lansing insiders according to a survey tabulated by the independent, Lansing based polling firm of EPIC/MRA.

John is a member of the Advisory Board of the Michigan Political Leadership Program (Institute for Public Policy and Social Research MSU) and serves on the Executive Board of National Online Legislative Associates (NOLA), a cooperative educational organization made up of capitol news and tracking services from across the United States. A 2008 Leadership Michigan graduate, John served the Michigan Manufacturers Association (MMA) from 1990 to 1996, the last two years as Director of Communications.

Prior to joining the MMA John served as a communications assistant in the office of Budget Director under former Gov. James Blanchard. He earned his bachelor's in social science and justice in 1989 from James Madison College, Michigan State University.

Andrew is an organizer with the Beyond Coal to Clean Energy Campaign of the Sierra Club. He works frequently on issues surrounding pollution, environmental injustice, and economic transition. Andrew graduated with a B.A. from Grand Valley State University in political science and a licentiate in international economic relations from the University of Cracow in Poland. He worked as a campus organizer for Barack Obama's successful reelection campaign, an intern for former Detroit State Representative Rashida Talib, and on numerous other campaigns. In his spare time, he is also an advocate for college affordability, labor rights, and expanding public transportation service.

Mycah Jade Butler is a sophomore from Bloomfield Hills high school.
Originally born in Detroit, Michigan. She is extremely committed to
academics, music, acting, softball, and public speaking. She is a go getter at the age of 15.  Mycah is also active in the Midwest Speech and Debate team, which is located in
Farmington Hills, Michigan.  Due to the intense coaching from the staff of
M.S.D., she became The 2014 National Champion of Poetry at The National
Junior Forensics League. In 2016, she again became the national champion of
poetry at The National Individual Events Tournament of Champions
(N.I.E.T.O.C.). She envisions herself as an actress and hopes to have an
impact on her community and planet.

Raymond Ware is a strong advocate for barbering. He received his Barber Training at Michigan Barber School. After years of being a Licensed Barber he decided to return to Michigan Barber School for Barber instructor training. His professional interests led him to open Metro Detroit Barber College in 2009. Because of his belief of hands-on and inquiry-based learning, he involves his students in a variety of community services. His professional interests focus on communicative approaches to teaching and cooperative learning, he once organized “Cuts for Education,” a back to school event. To bring health awareness to the area Metro Detroit Barber College joined the Detroit Medical Center for a day of “Path to Health Education and Haircuts.” He is currently involved with the “Live6” Alliance to advance the neighborhood and revitalization along Livernois Ave and West McNichols corridors. lick here to edit text

Martha G. Scott – District 3

Commissioner Martha G. Scott (D-Highland Park) was elected to the Wayne County Commission in November 2010 and is serving her third term representing Hamtramck, Highland Park and part of Detroit.
She began her public service career in 1972 as a precinct delegate. In 1977, she was appointed to the Wayne County Board of Commissioners and served until 1979, when she joined the Wayne County Civil Service Commission, of which she was vice-chair. From 1984 to '87, she was president of the Highland Park City Council and in 1988, she was elected as her hometown's first female mayor, also making her the first African-American woman to be elected mayor of a Michigan city.
In 1994, she was elected to the Michigan House of Representatives and was re-elected twice. She was elected to the Michigan Senate in 2000 and was re-elected in 2002 and 2006.

Scott is known to her constituents as an elected official who is readily available and willing to listen to their concerns. Scott has been a crusader in the fight for fair and affordable insurance rates, increased funding for public schools and adequate protections for vulnerable residents.



Commissioner Martha G. Scott hosts a coffee hour at 9 a.m. on the fourth Monday of the month, excluding holidays, at Maine Street Restaurant, 11650 Jos. Campau, Hamtramck.

Nicolette, is the founder of "Growing up Detroit." [It] is an organization that represents the children of today and how we will help impact them to be great successors for the future. We are giving back to help stimulate young minds with the fun approach of fashion and useful tools that can be used to help shape [and] building a foundation to further our children's education! Education is key and with every purchase you make you are helping to create that possibility and make a difference in someone's life. Twenty percent of proceeds will be given back to education in Detroit to help fund materials and curriculum that is necessary to inspire, develop, and innovate our young generation. I believe that when you invest and have faith and someone's ambitions you give them back hope and a sense of importance, which will impact their passion, their drive and lead young minds [along] a positive path to being successful adolescents, while shaping the future to [gain productive] employment, decreasing crime rates and by building structure and character. We are on this earth together why not make an impact and change someone's life in the process! Growing up Detroit wants to see every child's light shine. Help us spread hope for a positive change!

Leah Sims, is 33 years old. She was born in Los Angeles, CA in 1982. She moved to the city of Detroit with her siblings and parents around 1987. Leah began a career as a Medical Office Specialist in 2007 certified by Kaplan Institute in Detroit, MI. This profession allowed her to dedicate ten years of her life helping patients and providing customer service which led to a supervisory role with an Internal medicine office overseeing four physicians and twelve medical staff members. The critical skill set gleaned from this busy operation made her realize how to manage schedules, people, important projects and most importantly how to multi task without becoming overwhelmed.

In 2012 Leah began attending the University of Phoenix in the field of Business Management which also led to hands on knowledge and experience that has assisted her in living out God’s purpose for my life!

Her Passion Project began as a journey that developed into a vision of “assisting young men and inspiring them to have a brighter future. In 2008, her oldest son which is now eleven years old began tackle football. I had the pleasure of becoming the team mom for his team which meant I spent a lot of time with kids motivating them, nurturing them and providing first aid treatment for them. This title put me in a position to build relationships with the parents of these young men and I began to visualize and see for myself the living conditions and some of the lifestyles these young men were being raised in. The parents began to trust me and lean on me as a significant other, to be a part of these youngsters lives outside of football. Now in 2016 I still have close relationships with these same young men who have grown up with my son and are treated by me like my own children unconditionally. I ask now who would have thought that all this time I was blessing them that they have come to bless me by living my dream and giving back. In January 2016 I decided to take that step and develop the Battery Brotherhood Youth Fraternity, which is a group of young men ages nine to twelve years old that go out in the Detroit Community to assist in Service Learning Projects of a wide scope from cleaning the streets, to food drives, to homeless shelters, to senior citizen facilities and even promoting civic engagement on election days by assisting with campaign activity as part of new Service Learning initiative to promote Future Voters and Citizens and even working with boy’s group homes.

Ms. Sims see these young men in her eyes as a very elite crew because they choose to step up to the plate and give their extra time that they could be playing video games or outside but they chose to give back to a city that has and will provide so many opportunities for them. Leah has chosen to assume responsibility for this particular group because she has watched them grow and seen a need for them to become a part of an organization like this, to show them a different side of life. Ms. Sims hopes to inspire them to be the best they can be, to learn to visualize and works toward a life plans full of productive goals that celebrate their lives in a positive way. Leah’s organization Battery … Fraternity teaches them that can’t is not a option and neither is giving up, and since they have trusted her along with their parents support she envisages their lives blossoming into professional aspirations to provide them with every opportunity life has for them!

Frank Hammer has been a social justice activist for over 50 years, the last 40 in the labor movement as an autoworker and member-, elected officer-, staff representative-, and now retiree of the United Auto Workers.  Frank is a current board member and past President of the Greenacres Woodward Civic Association in Detroit, and represents the Association as a member of the Michigan State Fairgrounds Advisory Committee.  For the past four years he's been active in the State Fairgrounds Development Coalition advocating the award-winning community vision for the Fairgrounds.

He is a graduate of the University of California and University of Michigan, and past lecturer in the Labor Studies Programs at Wayne State and Indiana Universities.  He's a Board member of the Michigan Coalition for Human Rights. He is an advocate for combatting global warming and climate change, international labor solidarity, labor union reform, and restoring democracy in Detroit, his home of 40 years.  He has been a conference participant in numerous countries including Germany, Cuba, and South Africa.  Frank's online interviews and/or blogs can be found at and   His photography has been featured online and in several Detroit venues.  He's been married to his wife Karen 48 years, and is the dad of two great children.