Burgess announcing his candidacy for Michigan House of Representatives District I before the Mighty Michigan 14th Congressional District monthly meeting.  To view the candidate's M.ichigan I.nformation R.esearch S.ervice (MIRS) cut and paste the following link, and search for candidate's name "Burgess Foster::

Burgess Foster (D) 2017


Burgess FOSTER, a Democrat from Detroit, is a 20 percent Service Connected Disabled Veteran of the U.S. Marines: he served with VMA-331 a Harrier Jump Jet Attack Squadron, stationed at MCAS, Cherrypoint, NC. 

A former Adjunct Professor at WCCCD, Burgess taught in the Business Department and Adult Education Divisions, and has been a Detroit Public School District, Long Term Vacancy, Teacher since 2011. Foster is also the owner of a Michigan based company Inner-G, which acts as a parent company for FosCo Publishing, FoReal-Co, and other subsidiaries.

In 2010, he ran as a Democrat for the 5th House district but lost in the fifteen-way primary. In 2014, he lost in the four-way Democrat primary for the 14th Congressional district to the current incumbent the Honorable Brenda Lawrence. Foster was also a candidate for Detroit City Council in 1991 and 2009.

Foster graduated from the University of North Carolina at Durham (NCCU) with a Bachelor of Arts, Cum Laude, in American History in 2003 and a minor in Political Science after studying at both NC State University and UNC-Chapel Hill. He has graduate transcripts for the Master of Arts in History from Wayne State University-concentrating on Political History of the USA South (Reconstruction) and a MPA from the University of Michigan's Rackham Graduate School  and a Masters of Management degree from the University of Maryland in 2007 with a concentration in HCA. He has four sons, Justin, Bernard, Brandin and Austin.

Foster, was a host of a Public Affairs talk show that aired on Friday-live on Comcast 91 in Wayne and Oakland Counties called 96 West: "A Freeway of Thinking" focusing on issues across the human experience in the Greater Metro Detroit Region covering stories from Ingham, Macomb, Oakland and Wayne Counties:

2051 Oxford Rd., Grosse Pointe Woods, MI. 48236


Campaign Website:

Campaign Phone: 929-367-8372

Campaign Email: [email protected]

Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence of the Michigan 14th District giving advise and consent on policy ideas generated by Mr. Foster in re: the XL Pipeline.  Burgess agrees with the Congresswoman that the XL Pipeline is too risky, but if it passes it should be dedicated solely for the purpose of environmental conservation-meaning-it should be exclusively set aside for E85 and Bio-Diesel refineries, since both of these alternative have to use a small percentage of crude oil for its production. This way risk is mitigated by smart environmental/energy policy.

The candidate addressing citizens of the Michigan 14th Congressional District about improving their quality of life and sparking entrepreneurship between Livernois and Gratiot and from McNichols to M-102 or 8 Mile.

The business plan competition sponsored by the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor to incubate ingenuity. Burgess Foster competed and offered for consideration a national alternative fuel infrastructure model called Future NrG-"Fueling Innovation." One of the judges scored Mr. Foster's Executive Summary a 10/10.  His plan would call for federally and State-initiated mandates that all 117,000 gas stations carry alternative fuel substitutes, thereby encouraging consumption of Green Fuel/Energy and Green Components to be produced in Michigan. This would diminish the USA's dependence on 20,000,000 barrels of crude oil. And foster jobs in a high growth sector.  His concept was

called Future NrG because his gas stations would only sell alternative fuel. In other words you would not be able to purchase 87, 89, or 93 only Department of Energy classified Alternatives, i.e., E85, Bio-Diesel, and Electric Recharging.Mr. Foster will be demonstrating monthly how his candidacy is the smarter choice. He will share ways of how Detroiters can save on their Property & 
Casualty Premiums for Car and Home Owners Insurance, Ways to Improve Regional Mass Transit, How The City Can Increase Revenue Generation, Even How To Graduate College Faster and with Less Cost Than Already Discussed.

The Gateway Shopping Center at M-1 and M-102 is the top producing Meijer's in the Grand Rapids, Michigan based Billion Dollar company's chain of retail centers. Developments like this have brought an end to the food desert problem in Detroit with Fresh Produce and Meats and Dairy and Soft Line products nearer to the residents within their own domicile. The second Meijer's is now open at McNichols and Grand River.Mr Foster is in contact with name brand retailers to coax them into relocating to Detroit's mega centers to capitalize on the nearly 10,000,000,000 in GDP generated in the Motor-City.

Burgess fully endorses the re-election of the dynamic Brenda Lawrence's Leadership in 2016, that forced Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan to appear before the U.S. Congress and answer for his gross mismanagement of the Flint Water Crisis. Mr. Foster says he is not impressed by a lot of politicians but when he saw how Congresswoman Lawrence thoroughly cross-examined Governor Rick Snyder and Demanded Accountability-and when the Future State Rep learned of the GOP leadership trying to dissuade the Gentle-Lady from Michigan, from calling the gubernatorial administrator of the State of Michigan as a witness, and how her insistence for justice and ethical consideration-won over the opposition-he knew that Congresswoman Lawrence was capable of one day becoming the First African American Governor of the State of Michigan when her call in the 14th District has concluded. The Congressional Record will bear this for both historians and posterity.

Mr. Foster vehemently speaking about his past experience running for U.S. Congress in 2014, State Rep in 2010, and Detroit City Council in 1993 and 2009 as evidence of his commitment to the City of Detroit and the Metro Region. He is not a fly-by-night precipitate nominee who has not seriously considered the gravity of the office. He knows what should be done and he is already undertaking to get it done, before the election!

500 acres of undeveloped land on the south side of M-102 at the intersection of M-1 and State Fair. This candidate is in contact with over a two dozen firms who are not located here in Detroit for business, to develop a Major Mall like Great Lakes Crossing or Big Box Retailer/Wholesale Anchor shopping center that will create jobs and circulate a part of the nearly 10,000,000,000 in per capita income that is generated by hard working Detroiters from 8mile to Belle Isle.and from Kelly Rd. to Telegraph. When this candidate ran for Detroit City Council he was the ONLY candidate suggesting to end the State Fair from coming to Detroit and develop the 1,000 acres of land to produce jobs and revenue for the city of Detroit.  This was before erstwhile Governor Jennifer Granholm, decided to listen.

The Future State Rep of the Michigan District I, launching his I.dea F.actory, concept, whereby he will unveil specific policy to benefit his constituents, the County, State, and Nation, at each 14th District meeting..