"You don't make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas!"

City of residence Detroit
Age 46
Family Bernard Dwight Brandin Domeneque
Education M.Sc Management BA Cum Laude (Gov't/History)
Vehicles owned American
Professional Experience Sunday School Teacher Veteran of the USMC Adjunct Community College Professor DPSD Substitute Teacher Author
Political Experience 2010 Candidae for the Michigan House Endorsed by the Michigan 14th Democratic District, 2009 Candidate for the Detroit City Council
Do you support federal efforts to facilitate the construction of the Detroit River International River Crossing? Why or why not?

Yes, I believe the current federal tax system is generally fair as agreed to by President Obama and Republican controlled House of his first term. However, significant changes in the tax code I advocate are as follows: I suggest overhauling Wall Street for Main Street to embolden and quicken the middle class: increase interest deductions for; credit cards, car loans, student loans and mortgages. According to the Congressional Budget Office ft taxes rise too sharply on the middle class it could cause the following ramifications slowing down consumer confidence and could signal blooming inflation. However, the Treasury believes that limiting the deductions on the top 5% of wealthy Americans could generate revenue.The rationale is that investors would seek out smart economic opportunity cost, instead of seeking loopholes and gaming the system.: Give the deductions to the middle class would spark consumer confidence, that would expand retail. Give tax breaks to firms for creating exports. Also, double taxation on Capital Gains need to stop to allow more working capital to be reinvested. This may take a GAAP rule.
Do you believe that the U.S. government’s intelligence gathering efforts pose a serious threat to the privacy and/or constitutional rights of U.S. citizens? What new restrictions, if any, do you support?

Cloud creeping can be an issue if unchecked: imagine not needing a search warrant under the 4th Amendment. Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) believes along with Conyers that HR 3361 a bipartisan bill that gives the NSA the latitude to investigate without infringing upon the rights of private citizens is solid. HR3361 institutes fail safes or safe guards that prevents the NSA from recklessly invading the privacy of average law abiding citizens with bulk collection of meta data. It requires tangible identification likened to a search warrant under section 215. The Pfizer Pin registry authority or National Security Letter Statute cannot be used without using a specific selection term for the basis of production. Theoretical concerns of potential abuse according to Conyers are unwarranted (bulk collection). Instead of broad term selection, i.e., area code or entire eastern seaboard as a search string HR3361 provides for protection against intrusion by requiring specificity.

Under what circumstances would you authorize the use of U.S. military force to prevent the violation of a foreign country’s national sovereignty?

Use of military force does not have to imply boots on the ground. Invasion of Allies who the US. have standing U.S. Senate Confirmed Treaties with would be one litmus test. That invading force would have to be at a level whereby the military response alone of the victimized country could not repel the occupation, i.e., Taiwan and China. In the instance described the military could launch missiles if the technology was too sensitive to lend out. Naturally, this is after U.S. imposed sanctions and diplomacy. A technological response would be preferred to putting boots on the ground. Drones now have the capability guided by satellite along with air strikes by Joint Strike Fighters are all options that do not directly place Uniforms in harms way. Russia is only after Ukraine's oil and gas reserves not to mention the USSR has taken umbrage to its loss of status in that region. However, case in point Ukraine does not have a Treaty with the USA that i am aware of.
The U.S. House of Representatives has voted more than 30 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Do you favor repealing the act? What changes in the ACA, if any, do you support?

The record shows that those signing up for the ACA or Obama Care was a huge success. Some deductibles are high for the class of citizens it was designed to cover. However, with more health care firms opting in in the next open enrollment medical economists agree that the premiums and deductibles should fall. Similarly, Obama Care can be improved. As already noted the ACA needs improvement. This candidate would team up with an ad hoc work group in D.C. that seeks to improve the ACA not get rid of it. It does more good than harm and many are uninsured and under insured. The good news is that ending pre-existing condition exclusions for children under nineteen is long overdue. In addition, extending coverage to the offspring of parents until at 26 is welcomed. Think of the many young burgeoning professional whose student loans are due and they do not have a job! Not to mention, ending arbitrary withdrawal of insurance coverage relieves tens of thousands of stress.
What changes in U.S. immigration law do you support?

I do not support Minors Crossing the Borders but do support the American Dream Act. The Dream Act was controversial because it essentially allowed illegal immigrants the right to get financial aid: Minors Crossing the Borders have been reported coming this way for nearly three months. We need to have the Ambassador of El Savador,, Honduras, and Guatamela and other Central American countries to testify before Congress about these oppressive conditions they are fleeing from. The U.N. should be setting up tents on the Mexican side to help address this bottleneck . But as I heard one Republican Congressman intone that we are incentiviziing the displacement by giving welfare benefits to illegals. Primary should be securing the border: We need to sanction Mexico for allowing their borders to be overran on the way to the US In 2011 the number of Illegal Alien minors were tallied at 6,000 but are projected to swell to over 100,000 by 2015. Where will they stay-how will they be provided for?SOURCES: WASHINGTON JOURNAL
Did you support, or would you have supported, federal assistance to U.S. automakers that declared bankruptcy in 2009? Under what circumstances, if any, would you vote to authorize guarantees to other financially threatened companies, states or municipalities?

Since there is an obligation by the U.S. government to bail out private pensions if their companies go under then the help given to GM and Chrysler were not unprecedented. Cities like Detroit, Michigan and erstwhile Orange County, CA should not receive assistance from the Federal Government or States, but should have filed for Bankruptcy without the need of an EFM.  A consent decree should allow for  tough choices about helping public entities become more fiduciary sound. Mismanagement is not a crime, However, Detroit is proof that defalcation and malfeasance are at the core of the problems. The citizens therefore have to take ownership of their lousy election decisions, i.e., Bates, Conyers, Kilpatrick, etc-repeatedly that project a culture of corruption and inefficiency. The Centers for Michigan reports that there is still a clarion call for consolidating local governments, i.e., Detroit, Hamtramck, and Highland Park. Consolidated services, i.e., a new regional transit system-since Detroit already picks-up citizens in HP and Hamtramck without receiving a scintilla from them.
Do you believe the Obama Administration’s initiatives to improve educational outcomes for public school students have been effective? How would you expand or restrict the federal government’s role in education?

Parents need to be somehow held responsible for incomplete home work and for not enrolling their children in free after school tutoring. Continual failure on assignments, and the digital divide work in tandem to stagnate real measures of academic progress. I support Common Core because it keeps the majority of States that are using it on the same page for being able to determine Grade Level Content Expectation.I agree that if children are excessively truant that the benefits of the parents on welfare should be cut because the tax dollars being collected to educate that child are not being used for that purpose if they are present on Count day and then absent for the rest of the semester.Parents ought to be made to volunteer at schools as a way to earn their benefits or volunteer at hospitals or other non-profits.Libraries have to be re-opened and Detroit may need to take a page from Seattle Washington and make the entire city a Wi-Fi hotspot by implementing thousands of wi-fi repeaters.
Do you support a constitutional amendment to overturn the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. the Federal Elections Commission? What changes to the regulation of campaign finance, if any, do you support?

I believe Hillary: the Movie AS IS THIS CASE IS CALLED was not electioneering if there is no direct plea to take action like voting. If there is a call to vote for a candidate is one thing but merely saying they are running-is no violations. It would be impossible by a strict constructionist view to call it electioneering when she has not even been given the nod for nomination by the DNC Dark Money seems ominous if you cannot know who is giving it. I am for a 10,000 max cap in Congressional Races making the message paramount not money.Making interpersonal skills more important than name dropping. Endorsements from organizations like the UAW should be limited to printed materials, and human resource help, i.e., on election day working at the polls, door knocking, phone calling, etc Make Money Matter Least and who engages the voter in different medias; town hall meetings, door knocking, editorial writing-stirring civic participation which will inspire more people to vote-money spending does not = voter turnout!
What changes in the federal regulation of firearms, if any, do you support?

Tougher penalty on illegal gun possession! Gun show registration and private sale registration-to keep track of firearms in a national registry.
How would your election improve the opportunity for bipartisan compromise between congressional Democrats and Republicans?

I would form another ad hoc work group that seeks to develop co-sponsored bills so that when they reach the floor for vote they are more likely to have Whip,Majority, and Minority luster.Just not being a dogmatist would help. I understand that Dems have half the solutions and the GOP have the other half-inclusive of minority parties like Green Party members who might make it through the General Election. We need to take a page from Doris Kearns Gooddwin's Pulitizer Prize History on Abe Lincoln.
Should the federal government take steps to limit and/or penalize the emission of greenhouse gases? What specific measures, if any, do you support?

I presumed that the Clean Air Credit were a type of value companies could accrue based on their limiting greenhouse gases-these credits can even be traded through brokerage firms if I am not mistaken.The reverse could also be true: given double credits to firms that convert their refinery process over from crude oil to bio-fuels---imagine taking a 100% capacity for crude and developing 50% toward bio fuels and getting value that could be used as a GAAP RULE that would allow more profitability on one's balance sheet would be strategic. There are so many bio products to use like switch grass, soy bean, hemp, corn, etc. Require all new building permits to call for Green Editions that show that the structure will be 33% Green, ie., LEDS, Solar, Geo-Thermo etc. Imagine if every federal building, State building, municipal building and county building adopting this first and then requiring all new housing and major renovations have a G-Print aka Blueprint that shows how to limit the grid.


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