Education Bachelor of Arts, Cum Laude (HONORS) from the University of NC’s Higher Education System. Master’s of Science in Management from the University of Maryland’s Higher Education System. Plus 15+ graduate
Qualifications / Experience Foster works as an adjunct professor in the faculty pool at WCCCD and as a Long Term Emergency Substitute Teacher filling vacancies throughout the Detroit Public School District. He was nominated by the Democratic Party in 2010 for the Michigan House of Representatives for District 5. Before this he ran for Detroit City Council in 2009 and was the only candidate to offer the city of Detroit

1. PRIORITIES: What are your top three national legislative priorities? Why did you select them?

2. ECONOMY: What should the federal government do to strengthen the national economy, reduce unemployment, and address the widening income gap?

Mr. Foster supports the minimum wage increase on one condition. That those who are making minimum wage at McDonalds® Meijer’s® and other places of employment understand that employers raising their pay by nearly 30% expect them to raise their skill set by taking up a few college classes so they might be able to add value while raising the cost of living. The middle class and the working poor need tax relief. Those who are working are overburdened with the responsibility of paying for “operation” of federal, state, and local government via their property taxes, income taxes, social security tax, gasoline tax, and a plethora of other taxes. So, we all need some tax deductions. Being able to write off the interest charges from using our credit cards, the interest from our mortgages, and the interest from our new and used car purchases would help the workers of the USA to be able to mitigate the taxes we have dole out to keep our roads repaired. Yet, we are paying these taxes and roads are not being repaired due to Republicans mainly blocking funding for the Highway Trust Fund authorization. I would push for funding the HTF for up to ten years at a time to ensure that this does not become a political football every few years. This is a type of strategic stimulus. Also, I would push for more business education in middle school and high school to prepare for entrepreneurs of the future. I would advocate for more enterprise schools where students run companies that sell products or services that students and teachers need. In addition, I would push for all Early College High Schools like they are doing in North Carolina and other states to reduce the debt of student loans by half-helping students to graduate high school with an Associate’s Degree this would go a long way to reducing the income gap because more young adults would be graduating with more education which would qualify them for more pay.

3. ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT: What steps would you propose to secure America’s energy needs while protecting our water, air and land?

The USA has to gradually by 5% annually reduce our dependence on crude. Mr. Foster was on Channel 7 with Chuck Stokes, the host of Spotlight in the News, where he answered this question with sagacity. Burgess believes that the 117,000 gas stations in the USA must offer dual substitutes at the pumps to help drive down prices and to sustain Earth’s eco-system. Substitutes will demonstrate that gas prices are elastic and that if a viable option is at every single gas station then consumers will choose the E85 or the Bio-Diesel since GM™, Ford™, and Chrysler™ and other manufacturers are making Flexfuel®, Ecoboost®, Hybrid vehicles. The problem according to Mr. Lutz a onetime executive at GM and Chrysler says most cars can take E85 gasoline but there is hardly a gas stations that sells it as frequently as companies are making the cars to use it. We must develop better E85 and Bio-Diesel engine technology that will yield a 1:1 ration of MPG as stipulated by the maker of the vehicle. Also, Mr. Foster is against the XL pipeline because it will keep the USA tethered to crude oil. He has seen houses in his district with the new solar panels on their roofs. He will write a bill that will allow home owners to reduce their outlay or cost of installing and purchasing this type of system so that more Americans will reduce their energy consumption, thus help to sustain Earth’s eco-system. INCENTIVIZE MARATHON® SHELL® BP® AND OTHERS WITH DOUBLE POLLUTION CREDITS IF THEY SWITCH OVER REFINERY CAPACITY FROM CRUDE OIL TO BIO-DIESEL AND E85.

4. MONEY IN ELECTIONS: Do you support the Disclose Act, which would require disclosure by outside groups of large campaign contributions and expenditures? Why or why not?

Individuals who run for office, have come to believe that the amount of money you raise is equated into how effective your are as a public servant. The money that candidates raise has become a perceived status “top fundraiser” “most money” none of which sheds any light on how restore tax deductions to the middles class, lower prices at the gas pump or rid the USA from its dependence on crude oil and the harm we are doing to Climate Change. There should be a cap on spending or raising monies in all campaign at any level. I will write a bill that caps spending to whatever the national salary average is. So, if its $50,000.00 per year then this will be the limit. With the exception of the President of the USA who runs for office in all States then you would multiply the national salary average by 50 for a max of $2.5M being able to be spent or raised for the Presidency. All other campaigns including that of Governor would limit all candidates from spending more than this. MESSAGE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN MONEY. DO WE FOLLOW THE MESSAGE OR THE MONEY TO HELP US UNDERSTAND THE PLANS OF THE CANDIDATES FOR SOLVING PROBLEMS IN OUR LIVES!

5. IMMIGRATION: What specific changes, if any, would you propose to current immigration policy? Please explain.

If we are all immigrants in the USA then we must improve upon the 2008 law that could not foresee the complication we are now having at the Border. The 2008 statute states that a noncontiguous nation like Guatemala, El Salvador, and or Central American nation-states whose denizens or citizens flee into the USA illegally cannot be deported back to their countries until the USA’s Department of Health and Human Services indoctrinate them through a “due process” which requires that they be sent to a safe haven in the USA usually a relative abiding here at a cost of billions of dollars that could have been used for citizens here whose unemployment benefits are running out. Changing this rule to mimic the procedure for contiguous nation-states like Canada and Mexico would allow deportation within 48 hours. This protocol change will signal to those noncontiguous nation-states of Central America that we are not condoning “Coyotes” or Human Smugglers a license to violate our Border sanctity. To ensure this, I am for building better barriers and the hiring of more Border Patrol Agents to secure the threat to our national security and collective peace of mind.

6. HEALTH CARE: What changes, if any, should be made to federal health care policies or programs? Please explain.

Is a veteran of the USMC. He served from 1986-1989. His military occupational specialty was 6531 Aviation Ordnance. He used his specialized training while serving in Uniform to aid the USA during the 911 crisis. He received a Letter of Commendation from Kenneth Peppard, Director of the TELL FAA Task Force. His recommendation to create a wireless transponder system incorruptible by terrorist was printed in the Federal Register in 2007 and was supported by the Airline Pilots Association. Mr. Foster says “Veterans still do not have full dental coverage of optical care if they did not serve 20 years. Must men and women in uniform do not serve 20+ years the serve between 2yrs and 6yrs. I have written the President of the United States America about redesigning the Health Administration Fellows programs that seek to train Health Services Administrators with Master’s degrees in Health Care Administration to rotate into trouble areas identified in the recent House of Representatives investigation. Furthermore, I support the new VA Secretary McDonald the former Proctor & Gamble CEO to be able to remove ineffective VA Directors more speedily. I also more training of Veterans who are serviced by the VA in re: how to access their Electronic Health and Medical Records so that they may be able to upload and to edit any incorrect Health Information that exists in their computerized records. As a veteran of the USMC I fully support our men and women in harm’s way.” Besides, Mr. Foster believes that the Affordable Care Act, aka, Obama Care, can be improved by those States who have denied the subsidies to be able to use them. This will reduce the premiums for millions. In addition, Mr. Foster would like to see screenings of any malady that have a high death rate per 1,000 or high incidence of illness. He has heard the idea of Dr. Ben Carson about health savings accounts for all. Whatever the remedy, the ACA or Obama Care can be improved and he is willing to work with a team of doctors, advance practice nurses, and those who have the coverage to craft emendations or improvements to the legislation.