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Moreover, MI.DigiTEL is going head to head with the big boys! Because we are not profit driven but intentionally designed to be inspired by social responsibility that's profitable, therefore, we are "Technically Smarter- ELECTRONICS!" that can add value to any supply chain from Health Care to Cell Phone accessories..

 We offer an array of products that are in demand due to COVID19 such as ESSENTIAL UV-C TECHNOLOGY ON THE FRONT THAT MITIGATES VIRUSES, BACTERIA, AND GERMS on different platform from wands for the home or office to translucent cases that you can sanitize multiple devices, i.e., keys, phones, masks, watches, airpods, etc.  at prices that will drive down the cost across the sector since we are creatively clever in our competitive landscape-it's simple---quality competition brings down prices!  Healthcare is not our only strong suit: from the Medical field to what Millennials feel-we have the USA covered!

MI.DigiTEL offers affordable gifts ranging from LED Multi-Colour Bluetooth Speakers with angular Sound that are loud af!  to Fast Charging State of the Art Triple Wireless Charger Pads (for; Apple, Android and Google QI capable devices for your Dorm, Home, or Office) to on The-spot "PORTABLE" TRIPLE Battery Packs (also capable of charging QI enabled devices on-the-go) to  state of the art Air-pod  Professional  grade earphones, to millennial must haves like  multi-purpose cell phone stands for hands free picture taking and social media interaction, and lastly NO MORE Distracted Driving with this SMART Airframe car mount cell phone holder or the R2 Cell Phone Air Vent Mount w/Wireless Charging: ALL are one of a kind Essential; Stocking Stuffers for Christmas, Birthdays and Anniversaries at affordable prices!!!

Be looking for our brand "Mi-DigiTEL" in joint supply chain retail ventures with the likes of T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, Apple, Hospital Stores, College Campuses and technology acquisition with the likes of McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, Taco Bell, and others.